Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA)
A Twelve Step self-help program for Co-Dependents

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Codependent Recovery through SERVICE
Service is one of the most important tools of recovery. For some, who historically have had difficulty keeping the focus on themselves; service is an especially important tool. The question isn't whether or not to do service but rather when and how to do service. There are many ways and means we can help other codependents who still suffer.

We can attend meetings regularly, sponsor newcomers, take a position at our homegroup, become a GSR and/or do service below the group level. The choices are unlimited and most service commitments practice good boundaries by having a definite beginning and end. Get involved today! The point is that we can heal by being useful to others rather than by yielding to the Avoidance, Denial and Low Self-Esteem patterns of Codependency.

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