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Don't let that stop you. Try a Call-In STEP Meeting...


Call-in Step/Tradition Study Group

To hear the Format of Assignment Focus for
February Call: 712-770-4169 • PIN: 475271#

Sundays 3:30 PM ET • Phone: 712-770-4160 • PIN: 475271#

CoDA Blue Book         WEEKLY OUTLINE         CoDA Blue Book

(The CoDA Books referenced here are also available DIGITALLY and in SPANISH)
1st  Sunday   – Listen to the Step of the month selection
from the CoDA Twelve Steps CD

2nd Sunday   –  Focus on Step of the month from the
CoDA Blue Book
(see: Assignment Schedule link)
3rd Sunday   –  Focus on Step of the month from the
CoDA Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Workbook

4th Sunday   –  Focus on Tradition of the month from the
CoDA Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Workbook

5th Sunday* –  A CoDA Speaker shares with us for up to 20 minutes 
(* Mar 29, May 31, Aug 30, Nov 29)


View/Print The Assignments Schedule for 2020

Also see: “Getting Started Working the STEPS - As Easy As 1-2-3!
Using the 30 Questions

The next Long Island CoDA (LICoDA)
Intergroup Business Meeting is scheduled

for 2 PM, Saturday, March 21, 2020

☆ Location To Be Announced ☆

If you are a member of a CoDA Group that meets anywhere on
Long Island, you're welcome at this Meeting. Tell us about
your group, and how we can help support your meeting.
You can attend in person, remotely, or by phone.

☆ Save the Date & Plan to Attend ☆

4th Annual Boonton, NJ, Share-A-Day 2020

2020 CSC/ICC Flyer

• Co-NNections Weekly Reading (connections.coda.org) •

• CoDA.org — Meeting Documents (www.coda.org/index.cfm/meeting-materials1) •
• Tools for Codependent Recovery ** (https://licoda.org/Program/programindex.html) •
• The Thirty Questions For CoDA STEPS 1, 2 & 3 (http://www.codependents.org/30q.pdf) •
• FREE Downloadable Materials (http://coda.org/index.cfm/meeting-materials1/service-materials/) •

PRINT CoDA Resource Publishing Inc. (CoRe) (www.corepublications.org) •
DIGITAL CoDA Resource Publishing Inc. (CoRe) (www.corepublications.org/digital-ebooks) •

From CoDA World (English) -- Co-dependence — What is it? (https://youtu.be/En8klpAsoBY) •
Desde CoDA World (Español) -- Codependencia — ¿Qué es? (https://youtu.be/b2-oY6r1Ksc) •
A message from the CoDA Omaha Service Board -- What is CoDA? (https://youtu.be/lbivqR_OIvA) •

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