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For more information about Long Island CoDA and the LICoDA Intergroup: call, text, or email Long Island CoDA.

Long Island CoDA Outreach
This is a completely new area for Long Island CoDA. You can contact Tommy G. at (LICoDAoutreach @ gmail.com) if you are interested in doing CoDA outreach on Long Island. And tune in again for updates & more information about this all new developing opportunity.

Long Island CoDA H&I

Get involved in CoDA Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) activities.
Do you have a recovery story to share?
Share your story at an H&I Meeting.

Unlike traditional “Open CoDA Meetings,” a “Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) Meeting” is informational in nature. It is about explaining what CoDA is and is not. How the CoDA program helps people deal with codependency issues. Working with CoDA Literature and carrying the message of CoDA recovery to others (Step Twelve) is another way to expand your own recovery. If you are a member of CoDA, with more than 6-months in CoDA recovery and think you would be interested in this kind of service, please get in touch with the Long Island CoDA Intergroup. Our contact information is listed below.
Long Island CoDA Intergroup works with the World CoDA H&I (Hospitals and Institutions) Committee, contributing to and supporting the development of Community Based Local Outreach Programs, distribution of CoDA Literature within Hospitals and Institutions, Sponsorship and other domestic programs. Participating in these activities is an excellent volunteer CoDA Service opportunity. You can learn more about these programs at the World CoDA website H&I Page (coda.org/service-info/h-i-main-page).

LICoDA.org Web Site Support

Here's an opportunity to do CoDA service and learn some basic HTML web programing at the same time. This website (LICoDA.org) is a vital part of CoDA on Long Island and the LICoDA Intergroup. It providers up-to-date in-person Face-2-Face (F2F), online virtual & phone meeting information. It informs on local, regional, national and world CoDA Events of interest. It is a link to vital 7th Tradition support of LICoDA activities. It has links to many usful CoDA recovery documents; some difficult, if not imposible to find, elsewhere. It is an enthusiastic part of a growing Long Island community that supports recovery from codependency. Call, text, or email Long Island CoDA for more information about this service opportunity, and to volunteer.

Long Island CoDA Intergroup 2023-2024 Trusted Servants
Chair Jeff J chair @ licoda.org
Vice Chair Michele R info @ licoda.org
Treasurer Grace C info @ licoda.org
Secretary Laura Z info @ licoda.org
Outreach Tommy G outreach @ licoda.org
Web Admin/GSR david a webadmin @ licoda.org

Our Business Meetings are available online, and are open to all Long Island CoDA members. We meet twice a year, at 2 PM (ET), on the 2nd, or 3rd Saturday, in March, and November, to support CoDA & CoDA Fellowship on Long Island. Trusted Service Positions Elections are held at the November meeting. LI CoDA Members and Group Service Representatives (GSR) have voice & vote, so plan to attend and represent your CoDA meeting! Meeting & Agenda links are posted, prior to the meetings, on the Home Page.

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CoDA's Seventh Tradition states that every CoDA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

* Use the QR Code to use the ZOOM Logo Mobile APP to donate.  All donations go directly to supporting Long Island
CoDA activities at the local, regional & national levels. More information at: Guidelines To CoDA Digital Donations.

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