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Collected from the "Member Resources" (coda.org/meeting-materials), in the "CoDA Meeting Materials" section, at CoDA.org, and other sources.
 CoDA Webpage Portable Document Format (PDF)
CoDA Opening Prayer
CoDA Opening Prayer
The Serenity Prayer
The Serenity Prayer
CoDA Third Step Prayer
CoDA Third Step Prayer
CoDA Step Prayers
CoDA Step Prayers
CoDA Closing Prayers
CoDA Closing Prayers
CoDA Recovery Prayer
CoDA Recovery Prayer

...MORE PRAYERSNot necessarily CoDA Service Conference (CSC) endorsed.

The Serenity Prayer (we version)
Set Aside Prayer
The Serenity Prayer (long version)
The Togetherness Prayer
People Version of The Serenity Prayer
Making Choices Prayer
CoDA Tradition Prayers
Service Unity Work Prayer
O Great Spirit
Prayer from Listen To The Wind (story 22, p.347, 3rd ed.) in the
CoDA Book PERSONAL STORIES (licoda.org/Images/O_Great_Spirit.pdf)


These individual, copyrighted, Step Tri-fold Pamphlets can be viewed, downloaded & printed from this website. They are
made available courtesy of CoDA Canada's, RESOURCES Page, and are intended for the sole use of CoDA members and its
meetings. Cover images courtesy of the New York City & Brooklyn CoDA Archives. Please respect all copyrights— thank you.


Downloadable FREE versions of CoDA Pamphlets, Brochures, Tri-Folds & Documents collected from various pages at CoDA.org
with images that link to pamphlets available for purchased from CoDA Resource Publishing (CoRe, Inc.)
What Is CoDA?*
Am I Codependent?*
Attending Meetings*
Your First Meeting*
Welcome to Co-Dependents Anonymous*
Communication and Recovery*
Establishing Boundaries in Recovery*
Sponsorship in CoDA*
Using the Twelve Traditions*
Healthy Meetings Matter*
Patterns and Characteristics of Codependence (©2010)
Codependency & Recovery - The Differences
Patterns and Characteristics of Codependence (©2011)
Las Diferencias - Codependencia y Recuperación
(Codependency & Recovery - The Differences
en español)
Recovery Patterns of Codependence
Созависимость и выздоровление - различия
(Codependency & Recovery - The Differences
Recovery Patterns of Codependence (“I” Version)
Recovery From Codependence:
A Brief Introduction
Recovery Patterns of Codependence (“We” Version)
Dealing with Disagreements
Twelve Service Concepts
Twelve Service Concepts–
Alive & Strong
Twelve Tips for Sponsors
Info for Professionals*
Following the Twelve Traditions
in CoDA Service Work

*A Service Work Inventory Tool*
General Responsibilities of Trusted Servants
Getting Started Working Steps 1, 2 & 3
Using the 30 Questions
Working Steps 4 & 5 ‐ Using the 40 Questions
CoDA-Australia Sponsorship Program:
The First 14 Days — Workbook for Sponsees
Sydney, Australia, Sponsorship Program:
First 14 Days — Questions
"13th Stepping"
(via CoDA Canada, written by Washington State fellowship)
Proposed Statement on 13th Stepping
(from Bay Area CoDA Community Service Group‐not conference approved)
Policy Regarding Outside Literature
at CoDA Meetings
Court Attendance Letter
FREE Downloadable CoDA Materials (USA)
FREE Downloadable CoDA Materials (Canada)
Working the Steps as a Group (PDF)
CoDA Institutional Meeting Handbook
Reparenting Our Inner Child
CoDA's Fair Use Policy (PDF)
CoDAteen & CoDAteen Documents
CoDAteen at CoDA.org
Is CoDAteen for me?
What Is CoDAteen?

*These pamphlets are available from CoRe. They are provided here for one per person; for a teacher/counselor, copies for each of their clients. For meetings, copies can be made for handouts to newcomers, one per newcomer, but please note when printing in any quantity, they are less expensive to purchase through CoRe (www.corepublications.org). All items are copyrighted, and no changes may be made to the content.


• CoDA Meeting Materials (coda.org/meeting-materials) •
• CoDA Outreach Resource Guide (coda.org/outreach) •
• Tools for Codependent Recovery¹ (licoda.org/Program/programindex.html) •
• My Daily CoDA Program Journal (licoda.org/Images/Daily_CoDA_Program_Chart.png) •
• The Fellowship Services Manual(FSM) (coda.org/service-info/fellowship-services-manual-fsm/) •
• An Open Letter To The Newcomer (Not CoDA Conference endorsed literature) (licoda.org/Images/Open-Letter.pdf) •
• Policy Regarding Outside Literature at CoDA Meetings (licoda.org/Images/Documents/Policy_Regarding_Outside_Literature_at_CoDA.pdf) •

• CoDA Committees & Other Important Contact Information (coda.org/coda-area-contacts/coda-committee-list/) •
• Helpful questions for setting sponsor/sponcee relationship boundaries² (licoda.org/Images/10Questions.png)
• Twelve: Steps/Traditions/Promises/Service Concepts (coda.org/meeting-materials/twelve-steps) •
• Co-Dependents Anonymous Email Lists & Audio Video Files (www.codependents.org) •
• Anonymity & Social Media — CoDA Guidelines for Anonymity in Social Media •

• 2021 Motions (coda.org/wp-content/uploads/2021-CoDA-Service-Items-Motions-Report-7-27-thru-7-30-2021.pdf) •
• 2022 Motions (coda.org/wp-content/uploads/Motions-Report-8.22-25.22-FINAL.pdf) •
• 2023 Motions (codependents.org/Motions_Report%20_FINAL_CoDA_%20CSC_2023.pdf) •
• Prior Motions Database (motions.coda.org.tempwebsite.net/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f) •

Login information – Login Email: motions@coda.org • Password: coda1234

PRINT CoDA Resource Publishing Inc. (CoRe) (corepublications.org) •
DIGITAL CoDA Resource Publishing Inc. (CoRe) (corepublications.org/digital-ebooks-english) •

Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA Inc) -- YouTube© Page (youtube.com/channel/UC0oWXZDpoVdKbyJ0YDh1zTQ) •
A message from the CoDA Omaha Service Board -- What is CoDA? (youtube.com/watch?v=lbivqR_OIvA) •

• CoDA Fellowship Forum Audio Recordings (codependents.org/ff/ff.htm) •

• Co-NNections Recovery Stories (coda.org/co-nnections-recovery-stories) •

• Saturday, March 19, 2022 (licoda.org/Images/Minutes_3-19-22.pdf) •

¹This link, and the links within its subsequent pages, is recovered from the old New York State CoDA website (NYSCoDA.org).
Contact, email, internal links and other referencing information therein may not function as described. In the future it is possible
updates may be done. In the meantime, with apologies for those links that fail to function correctly, & any other internal glitches,
it is posted here, in its original form, because of its potential value and usefulness to those seeking recovery from codependency.

²These questions are from page 12 of the "Codependents Anonymous Sponsorship Booklet," ©2003, which is no longer in print.
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